Dan Gerhard

Shepherd of Transition

Dan is a retired UMC pastor who has been worshiping at Central UMC for over 10 years. When our previous pastor left at the end of December 2019, he was invited to provide pastoral oversight of Central UMC until July 1, 2020, when our newly appointed pastor will be serving the church. Thus, Dan has become our “Shepherd of Transition”, a very non-traditional title within the United Methodist Church.

From Dan: It is my joy to work with the wonderful folks at Central in a different capacity for these six months. Even after my long history with Central UMC, I am daily surprised at the number of members who step forward to help with the various tasks of keeping a church functioning well and to grow during this interim period between pastors.


Our pianist position is currently vacant. Stay tuned!

Wendy Granberg

Facilities Maintenance

I live with my son, Kindred, who I have raised alone, and our 4.5 lb. rescue chihuahua, Coca. Kindred is graduating in 2019 from SWHS and is college bound. I work full time at Regence BlueShield for the past 12 years as an appeals specialist. My passion is volunteering for the causes of affordable housing and food distribution/food security for anyone who needs it.
I am also  a college student at Skagit Valley College, completing my Direct Transfer Degree. My goal is to earn my bachelor degree in Human Services from Western Washington University. I would like to work at DSHS or some other governmental agency assisting people in connecting to resources to help better themselves and their lives.
I want to be a good neighbor to the Church and to all those who attend it.