Colin Cushman


Colin Cushman is a native of Kent, WA. He lives with his wife Madi, daughter Sophia, and their dog Sugar. Both Madi and Colin studied at Willamette University (Salem, OR); and Madi and Colin did graduate studies at Boston College and Boston University, respectively. Colin has also served as a hospital chaplain. Previously, he served a Methodist church on Bainbridge Island. His outdoor interests include mountain biking, hiking, and photography. He also loves playing music with a wide variety of instruments and is an avid reader.

Colin’s specialty of study has been Biblical Studies—especially focusing on social justice issues in antiquity such as imperialism, ethnicity, gender, and poverty—and its intersection with current social issues.

As a teacher, he loves to see people grow deeper into their faith to be able to understand the world-changing implications of what they profess. These convictions then need to be lived out in one’s social, political, and cultural worlds. By caring for the most vulnerable among us, he believes, we can thus provide the opportunity for all to flourish and have a chance to live most fully the life that God has given them.

Clarence Wash


Clarence has been playing piano and singing since he was 3 years old. The first of his family born in the US (he’s Welsh/Scottish), he has been involved in music ministry since his late teens, leading worship for countless church services, camps, crusades and revivals throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as parts of the UK and Europe.

His ministry also includes that of songwriting, performing concerts, and lecturing on the importance of true worship and praise. A couple of songs he wrote and recorded received airplay on independent radio stations. He hopes to return to the studio again someday.

Wendy Granberg

Facilities Maintenance

I live with my son, Kindred, who I have raised alone, and our 4.5 lb. rescue chihuahua, Coca. Kindred is graduating in 2019 from SWHS and is college bound. I work full time at Regence BlueShield for the past 12 years as an appeals specialist. My passion is volunteering for the causes of affordable housing and food distribution/food security for anyone who needs it.
I am also  a college student at Skagit Valley College, completing my Direct Transfer Degree. My goal is to earn my bachelor degree in Human Services from Western Washington University. I would like to work at DSHS or some other governmental agency assisting people in connecting to resources to help better themselves and their lives.
I want to be a good neighbor to the Church and to all those who attend it.