Thank you for checking out Central United Methodist Church!

Central UMC is a wonderful community serving Sedro-Woolley, Burlington, and the broader Skagit Valley community.

We as a church aspire to move in the direction of inclusion.Our goal as a church is to be welcoming to all. We, of course, are not perfect. Some of us do better than others at welcoming everybody. But as a body, we have decided that we will move in the direction of inclusion of everyone, with all of their diversities of race, sexual orientation or preference, gender, ethnicity, political or social perspective, and (dis)abilitiy.

The Church is an interesting place. In contrast to the echo chambers we tend to live our lives in, where we only hear people who agree with us, the Church is one of the few places left in our world where you can really be with people who are so different from you. Church is one place where liberals sit down next to conservatives and attempt to figure out how to live together.

Wherever you are coming from, whatever your experiences with churches in the past, I will do my best to create an environment that will be welcoming and enriching.

We hope to see you at Central soon!


Pastor Colin Cushman

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LGBTQ+ Inclusion

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