What Happened to the Poplar Trees?

Dear fellow Sedro-Woolley-ites, trail walkers, quilters, Episcopalians who share our sanctuary, Community Kitchen workers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and even Cub Scouts—yes, we hear you…!!! We know you are wondering…

What happened to the poplars????

Tall, stately, lovely in every season, especially enjoyed by the trail walkers as started their hike right across from our campus.

OK, here’s the story.

Yes, the poplar trees were beautiful, stately, totally impressive…They will be missed…glorious Creation, and all of that!

BUT,  these trees along the eastern perimeter have been causing us more roof and grounds maintenance than we could manage.

And, more and more substantial debris was created in recent storms…not only messy, but possibly, given a really serious storm, downright dangerous.

So, it had to happen. And, removing the trees will help us to be a better neighbor.

Thanks to Janicki Logging who helped us—whew! Quite a task.

This will most likely be our last major project for quite some time, and although we know we created quite a lot of unwelcome noise and visual disturbance, and we apologize for that, we think this is it for now.

We love the natural beauty of our campus, and yes, this was a tough decision for us. Very sad.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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