Tuesday Conversations

Tuesdays at 11:00am in Room “I”/Choir Room.

We gather to talk about life, faith, and how to apply our faith to everyday life.  No outside preparation is required; just come ready to share and grow!

If you’ve been thinking about joining the Conversation, we invite you to jump in this week!



Tuesday Conversations is an informal group in which attendees read aloud from a book or a watch a video together. There’s no advance preparation required—there’s something about sharing the resource for the first time right there among us in a circle that leads to good discussions about living our faith in our everyday lives!

 We explore ideas about how our faith informs our lives and our world.   Pastor Cody Natland usually leads the discussion. Exploration is key; we share our ideas openly and non-judgmentally in an atmosphere of trust.

We especially appreciate the chance to get to know our gifted Pastor better and benefit from his insights in a conversational setting.

 All are invited to just drop in as you’re able, or join in weekly.