Easter at Central UMC

It was just one day out of 365, just one Sunday out of 53 (yep, 2017 will have one extra…!).

Just one day…but so significant. Easter just kind of launches us into tomorrow and beyond, with its emphasis on living in hope, in joy—embracing life in the light of God’s endless grace.

And there’s something about expressing this in worship TOGETHER that imprints it our hearts.

In our Call to Worship—together—we said, “RUN from fear and darkness! HOPE is on the move!”

In our Hymn—together—we sang, “Soar we now where Christ has led! Thus to sing, and thus to love!”

In our Prayer—together—we asked that we may, “With shouts of joy, proclaim your steadfast, liberating love to all people, everywhere. Amen.”

Together, we heard the ancient story in John 20: 1-18….Jesus said: “Mary”…and Mary’s response: ”Teacher”…Yes, our Teacher still today, now and always.

We heard Pastor Dan tell us that Easter means we may have life…Christ is risen among us, God’s presence always with us.

And—together—we celebrated Holy Communion…

And then, yes, we joined in the wonderful hymn, with such perfect expression:

As we gather at your table,

As we listen to your word,

Help us know, O God, your presence;

Let our hearts and minds be stirred.

 Turn our worship into witness

In the sacrament of life;

Send us forth to love and serve you,

Bringing peace where there is strife.

Give us, Christ, your great compassion

to forgive as you forgave….

And we had some old-fashioned fun together, too…

 Our men cooked their usual terrific breakfast, which we and our fellow Episcopalian congregation shared along with  guests:




 Our children enjoyed the traditional Easter Egg Hunt:


  The envious too-old-to-hunt Easter Egg Hunt Wannabes watched from the sidelines:


The Skagit Valley yellow tulips on the altar, given by the Verner family in memory of Cole, spoke to us of spring, the beauty of our creation—God’s gift to us—and the wonders of our Valley—surely one of the most beautiful places ever:


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