We welcome all children from ages 3-12 to join us on Sunday mornings following the Children’s Moment during the worship service for learning and fun with our lead Sunday School teachers — Gail Huggins, Sharon McDaniel, and Nita Randall.  We meet down the hall (past the offices and restrooms) in Room “G” for a story, some singing, and other fun and engaging activities.


We have great news for all of the children, families, and grandparents in our midst! On Sunday, September 10th we will kick off the start of the children’s Sunday School year at Central UMC

Following the children’s moment during worship, children are invited to come down the hall to room “G” for a story, some singing and other fun activities.  A light snack will also be provided.

Our theme for September is  “We all belong to the family of God!”  We look forward to seeing you, and we encourage you to invite a friend, neighbor, grandchild, or cousin to come along, too!


Our Children’s Sunday School begins at about 11:15 am, after the children come up for the Children’s Moment during the worship service.  Children ages three through twelve are welcome..

Our classroom is designed so the children feel welcome; the space and everything in it is theirs.

We use music, movement, art, crafts, and even some science experiments to learn the Bible lessons.

Sometimes we have a snack, sometimes we go outside, sometimes we talk about things beyond the day’s lesson. This is their hour.

In addition to this special time just for them, we frequently include our children/youth in all church activities. Now and then they sing a special song during worship. They help collect the offering, open the big front doors, or give folks with canes or walkers a little extra help navigating the parking lot, especially on snowy/icy days. They help with coffee hour.

Children are important members of our congregation.

Grown-ups, especially parents, are welcome any time.  All of our teachers and helpers receive training and have passed background checks.  We follow a Safe Sanctuaries policy, and a copy of the policy is posted in the Sunday School room.  Additional copies are available upon request.

CUMC Children's Sunday School

CUMC Children’s Sunday School Classroom