Sanctuary in Spring
 Welcome to Central United Methodist Church
 1013 Polte Road, Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

Rev. Cody Natland, Pastor

Sunday Worship Service:  11:00am

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 Central UMC is a proud member of the Reconciling Ministries Network



Have you ever felt a bit challenged by…well…the very first book of the Bible: Genesis!

What a collection of stories that have been around for (per Pastor Cody’s math…we won’t vouch for it!) about 2700 YEARS!

Pastor Cody started this past Sunday (July 23) to bravely unravel for us the challenges we can encounter when studying Genesis. The series of sermons will be about 6-7 weeks and will tackle such questions as:

-What do these stories tell us about how the Israelites understood their relationship to God?

-What positive characteristics of God do these stories convey

-What difficult or challenging characteristics of God do these stories convey?

-What does the story of Cain and Abel tell us about the nature sacrifices made to God?

-What does the story of Cain and Abel  tell us about human nature?

-and so many more!

Drop in on the next few Sunday mornings to get your thinking stimulated, or on Tuesday mornings at 11:00 to join a discussion led by Pastor Cody. Hey! Can’t hurt….might help!! 


Central UMC dressed in the colors of autumn.